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Wide and Happy with Sigma

This weekend I had the pleasure of using Sigma's wide angle prime lens, the 20mm F1.4 DG ART in Nikon fit, at the wedding of Kaye and Dean. I have slowly become a fan of these fast prime lenses, which never seem to fail in producing fantastic imagery whilst delivering a great user experience. Over the years my way of working has developed to carry only one camera body with me, as I would rather change lenses than have two or three bodies strapped to me at any one time.

Many would immediately go for the convenience of a zoom lens of course, but in the real world I have become increasing dissatisfed with results particularly in the mid telephoto range, where you pay a huge price tag for a fast zoom. It is hard to ignore the beautifully elegant and contemporary looks of the 20mm F1.4 DG ART, which reminds me of the clean lines we have come to expect from Apple with their iPod, iPhone and iPad. You have to admire Sigma for the direction taken with their Global Vision strategy, which has clearly transformed their business. Sigma lenses have become highly desirable amongst the entire spectrum of photographers, and it is testament to their achievements that so many professionals now rate Sigma alongside the big two Canon and Nikon.

At yesterday's wedding, the lens worked perfectly on my Nikon D4, which is my go to camera for most of a typical wedding day. I also used a Nikon D810 body for groups shots and some of the couple portraits, again the lens worked perfectly. On both bodies the Auto focus was fast, responsive and silent, with the lens feeling solid and reassuring in your hand. A wide angle means getting in closer to your subjects, or using it to create a more cinematic view to your images, its just a different thought process. An initial look at the images taken at yesterday's wedding shows sharpness, great colour and contrast, handling flare well. During the evening reception, I used the lens on the D4 with an SB910 Speedlight and the results are excellent. Overall I am very excited by the results achieved on the day.

Some may not like the fact you cannot fit conventional filters, which would be issue for landscape photographers, but this is not something that worries me. It is also important to acknowledge you can get lighter and cheaper wide angle lenses, for instance Sigma have their more cost competitive EX range, and there are a wide choice of competing OEM and third party products available. It is clear that Sigma's 20mm F1.4 DG ART is a unique lens in the market, and yes I realise you pay a premium for having the F1.4 capability, which you probably will not use too often. Overall I am highly delighted with this lens, top marks for looks and its user experience. For me it represents value for money, and anything that can stop me having to use over priced OEM products will always grab my attention. I recommend people go out and get this lens, its one of the best I have ever used.

Investigate the Sigma ART range in detail online http://www.sigma-imaging-uk.com/lens



















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