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Hidden life of a wedding photographer: album design

 A rewarding part of being a wedding photographer, is seeing images from your camera transformed into an album of printed photographs. Of course there is a lengthy process involved and everyone has their own preferred workflow and design ideas. Most people would never realise the work that goes into the album, typically a photographer invests a day into creating a product that the couple will cherish.

Producing the album actually starts on the wedding day. I like to visualise the layout as the images are being taken, which has proven extremely valuable when its time to create the album design. Some couples do find it difficult to choose which photos to include, so visualisation ensures I am better equipped to advise them. It always helps if a couple can select a dozen or so of their absolute favourites, because I have found these become the foundations for building the story of their day which will most appeal to their memories.

I decided a couple of years back that printed photographs are important, so include an individually designed album in my Wedding Photography Pricing Plans. I believe the tactile experience of holding an album and turning each page, creates a closer connection with the photographs. Even in today's digital world, in my experience printed photos in a gorgeous album bring back emotions in ways not possible from viewing digital images on a computer screen.




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