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Hidden life of a wedding photographer: image editing

The wedding is done, the party is over and the newly married couple have jetted away on their fabulous honeymoon. As their photographer, my journey is only half way through.

Last weekend I was sitting at my computer reflecting on the completion of another wedding. Most people probably don't realise that as a wedding photographer, I spend more time on preparation and post production than I do actually working on the day itself. People don't see this, because the digital revolution has made photography more accessible than ever. One click and you get an image, job done. But to achieve the best possible image quality, they still need to be developed

Back in the days of 35mm film, editing meant spending hours in a darkroom with trays of chemicals to develop the film negatives, which would be later turned into prints or slides. This way of working has largely disappeared, replaced by the digital darkroom. Today we use computers and software programmes to convert digital data into photographic images. My typical working flow will be to sort through the digital files and select the ones I want to present to my clients. Then for each individal file, adjust brightness and colour, clone. crop and resize before finally converting into the jpeg format which is suitable for people to view. As a wedding photographer my goal is to deliver long lasting memories that people will cherish througout their lives, so this means spending hours and days creating beautiful photographers from the digital data.


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