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Hidden life of a wedding photographer: venue visits

The Bride and Groom, their family and friends are making final preparations for the big day. Guess what, your photographer is doing the same...or should be.

Two days ago I was visiting the Chruch and reception venue ahead of my next wedding on Christmas Eve. A vital part of my preparation work is to visit the venues well ahead of the day, because these will be the key backdrops for the events. For me I always want to know where I will be working, as this helps me plan locations to create specific shots and enables me to think about handling different weather conditions. This is a vital part of my preparation work, which becomes more important during the winter months.

Guests never know about this preparation, they just see you working on day itself. But I always remember lessons from my corporate days, because when you Plan For Success you greatly increase chances to Achieve Yoru Goals. As a photographer my goal is to do the absolute best for my clients and as a wedding photographer, I must get it right on the day. Ultimtaley everyone wants to have happy memories of a wedding for years to come, so I believe venue visits are just as important as taking photographs.

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